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Information is one of the most important elements of today. Only organizations who manage this key resource successfully, can guarantee to be exist in the future.
At first sight, it can be seen as an easy process, however it is not. Infonomics is an emerging social science which can be simply described as economics of information. Regarding information as other assets of the organization carries us to economy of the future. From the informatics perspective, infonomics is an important concept which should be considered carefully by organizations in both public and private sector.

This November Istanbul University Department of Informatics, İstanbul University Center for Research and Practice in European Union and Boğaziçi University Information System Application and Research Center are organizing Infonomics in Frame of Informatics Conference and Workshop which will be held on November 14, 2013
at Istanbul University Eurasian Institute Conference Hall. The Conference and Workshop aims to gather different experiences in infonomics from public and private sector and present an international outlook from academy. Conference and Workshop will host academicians from Lithuania, Poland and Turkey. Furthermore, researchers and managers from public and private sector will give a speech by evaluating the concept around their studying area.

People who are interested in new trends in economics and informatics, should book November 14, 2013 for this Conference and Workshop on their agenda.

Attendance is free.
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